HigherProcess is a not for profit organization which aims to spread awareness about self-esteem issues that people may face during their lives.

The name HigherProcess was chosen to draw an analogy with the highest level of mental well-being a person can humanly achieve. At HigherProcess, we have a small team of like-minded individuals dedicated to increasing confidence among individuals about themselves and their body.

An individual’s IQ (Intelligence Quotient) is a faulty indicator to measure a person’s intelligence. Ideally, the product of IQ and EQ (Emotional Quotient) determines a person’s real or performing IQ.

That is, IQ x EQ = Performing IQ

Of course, if you have inhibitions like low self-esteem and self-doubt you won’t be able to perform at your highest potential, but, don’t worry, even if you suffer from a low EQ, you can start reading our blog to find out exactly how to remove these inhibitions and perform at your highest potential.

Reach Your Highest Potential

One of the leading reasons for low self-esteem among individuals is either being overweight or underweight. We’ve seen that people only focus on helping individuals who are overweight and completely forget about the people who are underweight.

Being underweight is almost as dangerous for your self-esteem, if not more, as being overweight. When you’re laughed at and made fun of, it can quickly destroy your self-esteem and send you down a negative feedback loop which finally makes you spiral into depression.

However, this can be easily countered, here are some tips to gain weight, please note that these tips are provided by one of my good friends who runs a blog on fitness. He writes content in Hindi to help bridge the language gap and provide value to his readers. The same tips to gain weight are given in Hindi at his website in an article called Mota Hone Ki Dawa.

The tips to gain weight are:

  1. Eat lots of calories.
  2. Work out.
  3. Take a mass gainer supplement.
  4. Eat lots of fats and carbs.

Weight Gain Tips

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